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Open Source Workflow Orchestration for Heterogenous Computing

Make your experiments more manageable, scalable and reproducible.

Manage, deploy & scale workloads across the world’s most advanced computing hardware

import covalent as ct @ct.electron def add_space(name): return name + ' ' @ct.electron def join(a): return ''.join(a) @ct.lattice def workflow(name): name_space=add_space(name) result = join('Hello', name_space) return result + ' !!' id = ct.dispatch(workflow)(name='Shore') ct.get_result(id, wait=True)

Why Covalent?

Covalent is purpose-built for heterogeneous workflows; hardware, software and clouds

Covalent makes workflows scalable

  • Serverless HPC: don’t waste resources while waiting in queue
  • Code locally and scale anywhere from on prem HPC to the cloud
  • Native parallelization across diverse hardware types

Covalent makes workflows manageable

  • Visualize and monitor workflows in Covalent’s browser-based UI
  • Manage experiments across heterogeneous hardware and software
  • Write in Python, not YAML

Covalent makes workflows reproducible

  • Version your experiments just as you would version your code.
  • Easily store and retrieve past runs and share with colleagues
  • Built-in checkpointing capabilities to prevent re-runs

Who is Covalent for?


Computational scientists running large-scale experiments


ML and Data Scientists dealing with heterogeneous computing tasks

Enterprises & Teams

Enterprises and research labs working across hardware types and clouds

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