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Covalent Cloud: The Enterprise-Ready Platform for Advanced Computing Workflows

The world of advanced computing is growing more complex by the day, with researchers, engineers, and organizations tackling increasingly intricate challenges in scientific computing, AI/ML, quantum computing, and beyond. As the complexity of these problems increases, so to do the number and types of hardware resources required to solve them. The result is an increasingly diverse and heterogeneous landscape of technologies.

In order to address this complexity, many teams have spent valuable resources building internal tools to orchestrate and scale jobs across a spectrum of clouds and on-premises hardware. While we have seen some very impressive internal solutions being built in this area, we are not convinced that it should come at the expense of higher value, differentiated work such as algorithmic and applications development.

That’s why today, we’re so excited to unveil Covalent Cloud, a powerful new platform designed to simplify advanced computing workflows while providing the necessary abstraction and support for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Covalent Cloud vs. Covalent Open Source

Covalent Cloud is a hosted version of Covalent Open Source and builds on all of its great features in the following ways:

  • Simplified management of advanced computing resources, from cost to role-based access control, liberating users from the complexities of managing high-performance infrastructure
  • Seamless collaboration among teams and organizations, streamlining resource and knowledge sharing
  • High-level abstraction, allowing users to concentrate on their work without being bogged down by the complexities of resource management
  • Enterprise-ready features and robust security measures to protect sensitive data and resources
  • Access to powerful computing resources, such as high-performance CPUs, GPUs, and QPUs with just a single line of code

Covalent Cloud is more than just an upgrade to the open-source Covalent platform. It’s a complete reimagining of how advanced computing workflows can be managed, empowering teams and organizations to work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively than ever before.

Why Covalent Cloud Matters Now More Than Ever

As the world becomes more reliant on advanced and dedicated computing, the necessity for a user-friendly, scalable, and collaborative platform has never been more pressing. Researchers, engineers, and data scientists should be empowered with near limitless availability of compute, and not constrained by low level infrastructure management or unfamiliar languages and tools. 

Covalent Cloud offers unmatched ease of use and collaboration, ensuring that your team can focus on generating groundbreaking results. The platform simplifies the management of advanced computing resources, such as cost and role-based access management, and enables seamless collaboration among teams and organizations. It also provides a high level of abstraction (in Python!), making it easy for users to focus on their workloads and research, and offers enterprise-ready features and robust security measures to protect sensitive data and resources. 

A powerful example of the Covalent Cloud’s capabilities is its ability to grant users access to high-performance computing resources, such as CPUs and GPUs, with just a single line of code – cc.CloudExecutor(num_cpus=128,num_gpus=8). This immediately allows users who require significant high-performance computing power for their workloads to harness it right from their laptops without requiring extensive knowledge of the underlying infrastructure.

Ready to get started?

We’re releasing Covalent Cloud on a rolling-basis before opening it up for general availability. Click here to request access.